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                                              Contents of the Earth Manifesto

All of the essays on the Home Page of this online manifesto are being organized into Twelve Books of the Earth Manifesto.  The first ten of these books is available right now for purchase at a maximum 30% discount from the on-demand publisher online at Lulu.com.  Each of these handsome 8.5 x 11-inch books are 212 pages in length.

A summary of the contents of these books is provided below.  See the online Home Page at www.EarthManifesto.com for the source of these essays.  Here is a brief encapsulation of what you will find on the Home Page.  The wide-ranging writings in this manifesto are organized into Seven Parts, presented very roughly in the reverse order of their evolving genesis, with the most recent writings first.  “LIFO, like!” 

Before Part One are a half dozen essays and analyses that I regard of paramount importance, and they are followed by these Seven Parts:

PART ONE.  Observations, Introspection, Illumination and Revelation.  This section includes vitally important current and historical perspectives and universal ideas.

PART TWO.  On the Cusp of the Obama Era (Sept. ’08 - Nov. ‘08).  This section includes six essays about the tumultuous economic and social turmoil of the year 2008.

PART THREE.  Soliloquistic Expressions – A Feast of Ideas.  This section contains sixteen creative, entertaining and consequential essays, including one of my personal favorites, Tall Tales, Provocative Parables, Luminous Clarity, and Evocative Truth:  A Modern Log from the Sea of Cortez.

PART FOUR.  Overarching Considerations -- Transformational Ideas and Enlightened Proposals.  This section includes a wide variety of smart, specific, visionary and practical ideas for helping us to achieve the greater good.

PART FIVE.  A Marvelous Miscellany.  This section includes Tiffany Twain Entertains: A Philosophic Cookbook, and Twelve Delicious Recipes for Good Health and Gourmet Appreciation, both of which contain some outstanding recipes for very healthy and tasty meals.  It also contains a rough draft of an Earth Manifesto Film Script.  Note that assistance is needed to make this into a vibrant, compelling and visually stunning film like the extraordinary documentary Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Also in this section is a list of Recommended Reading for a Broader Understanding and Appreciation of the World.

PART SIX.  Evolutionary Understandings: Blue Period (October 2004 – January 2006).  This section contains 32 essays concerning a wide-ranging variety of topics.

PART SEVEN.  The Original Earth Manifesto.  This manuscript began more than 15 years ago as a passionate and philosophic outpouring of Big Ideas expressed in calligraphic form.  This original Earth Manifesto consists of 121 Soliloquies, each one a single page that explores its own compilation of ideas.  These Soliloquies offer fresh, cogent and far-sighted perspectives into today's dominant worldviews, and into the state of our society, economies and politics, and of our cultures, psyches and souls.  These Soliloquies represent a comprehensive and enlightening synthesis of broad-minded understandings, insightful ideas and ecological truths.  All of them are interspersed with concrete suggestions for achievable actions that could help make human societies fairer, healthier, and more propitious.

Contents of the Twelve Books of the Earth Manifesto

   Common Sense Revival

     Book One of the Earth Manifesto

                Table of Contents

    1.    Introduction to Common Sense Revival

    2.    Real Live Experiments in Applied Trickle-Down Theoretics

    3.   Sustainability Index:

        An Assessment of Progress toward Sustainable Living

    4.    Proposed Bill of Rights for Future Generations

    5.   Uncommon Sense and Fair-Mindedness

    6.   A Clear-Eyed Patriot Issues a Clarion Call for a Second American Revolution

    7.    Intelligent Precautionary Principles Enunciated -- Holy Cow!  

    8.   One Dozen Big Initiatives to Positively Transform Our Societies.

    9.   Happy Harbingers in Good Ideas for a Better Future


                   Entertaining Illumination Unleashed

                     Book Two of the Earth Manifesto

                               Table of Contents

     1.    A Quite Curious and Illuminating Biography of Mark Twain

 2.    Huckleberry Finn, the Forty-Niners Gold Rush, and Sensational Related Reflections          

 3.   Gaia’s Geological Perspective:  Episodes Since Genesis

     4.   The Common Good, Properly Understood                            

     5.    Press Release

     6.    Ideas Seeking Inclusion in Book Two    

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                            Existential Enlightenment

Book Three of the Earth Manifesto

                      Table of Contents

    1.    Existence, Economics, and Ecological Intelligence

    2.   Transcendental Musings: A Bugle Horn Sounds for Solidarity of Purpose

    3.    Revelations of a Modern Prophet


      Imaginative Perspectives and Ecopsychological Insights

        Book Four of the Earth Manifesto

                            Table of Contents

    1.  Tall Tales, Provocative Parables, Luminous Clarity, and Evocative Truths:

             A Modern Log from the Sea of Cortez

     2.   Tyrants and Damsels and Associated Incisive Insights

     3.    Inspiration, Imagination and the Deep Well of Human Impulses

     4.   Rapture Mania: Bizarre Beliefs and Epic Epiphanies

     5.   The Odd Brilliance of Dante’s Epic Poem, The Divine Comedy

     6.   Ayn Rand, Jack London, and a Fountainhead of Philosophies

     7.   Salvation and the Further Adventures of Humanity:            

Grasping Reality and Glimpsing the Fairest of Big Picture Perspectives.

     8.   Mission to Be Accomplished

     9.   Mississippi River Reflections: An Ode to a Lost Friend

    10.   An Autobiographical Obituary       

    11.   The Implications Associated with Modernity and the Coming of the Age of Aquarius

    12.   Recommended Reading for a Broader Understanding and Appreciation of the World


             Healthy Recipes and Provocative Worldviews

   Book Five of the Earth Manifesto

                        Table of Contents

    1.    Tiffany Twain Entertains:  A Philosophic Cookbook                                              

    2.    An Open Letter to James Hark, Mayor of Hannibal, Missouri                             

    3.    A Feminine Vision of an Achievable Better World -- Anima Should Reign

    4.    A Congratulatory Salute to Rachel Maddow                                                       

    5.    Twelve Delicious Recipes for Good Health and Gourmet Appreciation                

    6.    Radically Simple Ways to Make America Fairer, and to Fix Both Social Security and

             Health Care So We Can Move On to Address Bigger Issues    

    7.    Common Sense vs. Political Realities:  An Anatomy of Dysfunctionality         

    8.    Occupy Movement: What’s Next? - Occupy These Ideas!              

    9.    Progressive Agenda for a More Sane Humanity                                     

   10.   Three Bills of Right:  A Triumvirate of Responsible Actions for the Greater Good

   11.    An Open Letter to the Hannibal High School Black & Red                                 

   12.   A Modern Version of the Story of Noah’s Ark


                Incisive Global Perspectives

   Book Six of the Earth Manifesto

                        Table of Contents

 1.    Principal Reasons a Bill of Rights for Future Generations Is Needed                

 2.   Sow Justice, Harvest Peace                                              

 3.   Reflections on War – and Peace!          

 4.   The Art of Peace                                         

 5.   The Reality and Ramifications of Peak Oil                                             

 6.    Profound Psychological Perspectives and Prescriptions for Trying Times       

 7.    A Peaceable Proposition – The Golden Rule ‘Greening’ of U.S. Foreign Policy       

 8.    Optimizing Change through Clarity of Awareness and Right Action          

 9.    Freedom: Utopian Idea and Unifying Objective                                     

 10.   Crystal Clear Conceptions                                                                     


   Comprehensive Global Perspective: An Illuminating Worldview

      Book Seven of the Earth Manifesto

This philosophical treatise is the magnum opus of Earth Manifesto awareness.  It contains 121 chapters of insightful observations and cohesive understandings that concern the nature of the human condition and the significant challenges facing humanity today.  It also provides valuable ideas about how we could, and arguably should, be transforming our lives into healthier and more meaningful ones, and our societies into fairer and more likely sustainable ones.


         Big Picture Perspectives, and A Pursuit of Social Activism

       Book Eight of the Earth Manifesto

                               Table of Contents

  1.    Climate Change Considerations, Carrying Capacity, and Population Overshoot

  2.    Views on High from an Angular Unconformist

  3.   Sad Implications of the Two Dueling Santa Claus Strategies in Political Economics

  4.   Earth Manifesto Film Script

  5.   An Open Letter to President Obama – September 2009

  6.   A Second Open Letter to President Obama: Provocative Proposals for

          Real ‘Change We Can Believe In’

  7.   General Germinating Ideas Seeking Expression in December 2015


        The Original Earth Manifesto

           Book Nine

               Table of Contents

   1.   Original Earth Manifesto Introduction and Overview – March 2012                   

   2.  Introduction – Serendipitous Epiphany – October 2004                                     

   3.  Earth Manifesto

The original Earth Manifesto consisted of 121 timeless and far-sighted Soliloquies that began as passionate calligraphic expressions and evolved into the current manuscript.  These Soliloquies represent a comprehensive, compelling and provocative exploration of ideas and principles that have been waiting to be discovered since October 2004.                                       

  4.   Index of the 121 Earth Manifesto Soliloquy Titles                                              

  5.   A Personal Plea for Voter Sanity

  6.   Germinating Ideas Seeking Expression in December 2015


       A Marvelous Miscellany of Musings and Evolutionary Understandings

            Book Ten of the Earth Manifesto

Part One: Introspections in the Tumultuous Year of 2008

   1.   Sliding Doors, Shifting Perspectives, and Transcendent Visions

   2.   Crumbling Ideologies, Hope, and Baby Steps toward Wiser Ways Forward

   3.   Reporting Live from the Ground Zero Bleacher Seats in the Mega Bubble

   4.   Beam Me Up, Scotty!  The Earth Manifesto Arrives …

   5.   The Bailout Blues and Gut Check Soul Revue

   6.   Twelve Compelling Reasons to Have Chosen to Elect Barack Obama and Not John McCain in 2008 

   7.   Twelve Compelling Reasons to Have Chosen to Re-elect Barack Obama in 2012

Part Two: Evolutionary Understandings – Thirty-Two Soliloquies

 1.  Intelligent Redesign.  

 2.  Evolutionary Understandings Overview.  

 3.  Important Principles Illuminated.  

 4.  Visionary Perspective -- The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.  

 5.  The Big Picture.  

 6.  Katrina Revelations.  

 7.  Patriotism and Christianity.  

 8.  Materialism, Aggression, and Militarism.  

 9.  Strategic Imperative -- Oil Independence.  

 10.  Superstition, Prophecy and End Times.  

 11.  Faith, Fundamentalism, and Practicality.

 12.  Practical Idealism, Political Philosophy, and Fairness.  

 13.  An Ode to Liberty and Justice for All.  

 14.  Strategic Planning Truths.  

 15.  Reason, Morality, and Progressive Adaptation.  

 16.  Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Progressive Agenda.  

 17.  Freedom, Fascism, Deception, and Rationality.  

 18.  The U.S. Constitution -- Progress and Reaction.  

 19.  The True State of the Union.

 20.  Media and Its Impacts.  

 21.  A Weakness for Irresponsible Expediencies.  

 22.  An Ode to Visionary Practicality.  

 23.  Understanding the Universe.  

 24.  The Control of Nature.  

 25.  Quo Vadis -- Where Do We Go From Here?  

 26.  Our Bubble Economy.

 27.  Empathy and Compassion.  

 28.  Political Prophecy.

 29.  The Zeitgeist of America in the Winter of 2006. 

 30.  Success, Failure, and Rationality. 

 31.  Sex, Sexual Drives, Sexual Intercourse, and Personal Responsibility. 

 32.  An Ode to Meaning. 

Note: Both Book Eleven and Book Twelve are on the back burner, germinating, and will be completed at a later date.