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An Earth Manifesto Publishing Project

All of the following essays are published on the website Earth Manifesto.  This is an organizational proposal for publishing these treatises in a bound copy in the order indicated below.

My current intention is to have three books published of these writings.  The Earth Manifesto has evolved to include Seven Parts, and these writings are presented on the Home Page very roughly in the reverse order of the order in which they were created.  The writings could be classifiable in a more meaningful way with a completely different order, so I am going to publish them in the following collections to make them more coherent.  This will categorize them very roughly in accordance with the rambling nature of the topics they concern,

The Earth Manifesto is a wide-ranging treasure of ideas and understandings and perspectives, and it has yet to be discovered by anyone, despite being continuously on-line for many years.  This discovery will come sooner rather than later, I reckon, and publication could provide the needed impetus.  It will also serve as a safeguard of sorts for these vitally important ideas.

See the Home Page for descriptions of each of the essays below, and links to their contents.

Earth Manifesto Book One:  A Feast of Philosophy

 1.  Table of Contents - Book One

 2.  Twelve Delicious Recipes for Good Health and Gourmet Appreciation

 3.  Tiffany Twain Entertains: A Philosophic Cookbook.

 4.  Happy Harbingers in Good Ideas for a Better Future.

 5.  Sad Implications of the Two Dueling Santa Claus Strategies in Political Economics.

 6.  Rapture Mania: Bizarre Beliefs and Epic Epiphanies.

 7.  Huckleberry Finn, the California Gold Rush, and Related Reflections.

 8.  A Quite Curious and Illuminating Biography of Mark Twain

 9.  Gaia's Geological Perspective: Episodes Since Genesis.

10.  Tall Tales, Provocative Parables, Luminous Clarity, and Evocative Truths:

         A Modern Log from the Sea of Cortez

11.  A Feminine Vision of an Achievable Better World: Anima Should Reign!

12.  Tyrants and Damsels and Associated Incisive Insights

13.  Revelations of a Modern Prophet

14.  Inspiration, Imagination, and the Deep Well of Human Impulses

15.  Optimizing Change through Clarity of Awareness and Right Action

16.  Profound Psychological Perspectives and Prescriptions for Trying Times

17.  Freedom: Utopian Idea and Unifying Objective

18.  Crystal Clear Conceptions

19.  Ayn Rand, Jack London, and a Fountainhead of Philosophies

20.  An Open Letter to Barack Obama

21.  A Second Open Letter to President Obama - Provocative Proposals for Real

          “Change We Can Believe In”

22.  A Real Memo to Rachel Maddow

23.  A Smart Goal:  Turn Environmental Decline into Restoration

24.  Recommended Reading for a Broader Understanding and Appreciation of the World


Earth Manifesto Book Two:  Saving Ourselves by Saving the World

 1.  Table of Contents - Book Two

 2.  Press Release

 3.  Sustainability Index

 4.  A Bill of Rights for Future Generations

 5.  Intelligent Precautionary Principles - Holy Cow!

 6.  Principal Reasons a Bill of Rights for Future Generations is Needed

 7.  Existence, Economics, and Ecological Intelligence

 8.  Common Sense vs. Political Realities: An Anatomy of Dysfunctionality

 9.  The Common Good, Properly Understood

10.  Comprehensive Global Perspective:  An Illuminating Worldview

11.  The Reality and Ramifications of Peak Oil

12.  Reflections on War

13.  Sow Justice, Harvest Peace

14.  A Peaceable Proposition: The Golden Rule ‘Greening’ of U.S. Foreign Policy

15.  The Implications Associated with Modernity and the Coming of the Age of Aquarius

16.  Salvation and the Further Adventures of Humanity

Appendix to Book Two:  Tiffany Twain’s Instantaneous Lucidification: Policy Proposals

  1.  Radically Simple Ways to Make America Fairer, and to Fix Both Social Security and

         Health Care So We Can Move On to Address Much Bigger Issues

  2.  Three Bills of Right: A Triumvirate of Responsible Actions for the Greater Good

  3.  One Dozen Big Initiatives to Positively Transform Our Societies

  4.  Progressive Agenda for a More Sane Humanity


Earth Manifesto Book Three: Evolutionary Understandings

 1.  Introduction to the Original Earth Manifesto:  Serendipitous Epiphany    

 2.  The 121 Soliloquies of the Original Earth Manifesto

 3.  Index of the Titles of the 121 Soliloquies

 4.  Letter to Roy Hark, Mayor of Hannibal, Missouri

 5.  Letter to the Hannibal High School newspaper, the Black and Red

 6.  Mississippi River Reflections: An Ode to a Lost Friend

 7.  Crumbling Ideologies, Hope, and Baby Steps toward Wiser Ways Forward

 8.  Sliding Doors, Shifting Perceptions, and Transcendent Visions

 9.  The Bailout Blues and Gut Check Soul Revue

10.  Beam Me Up, Scotty!  The Earth Manifesto Arrives …

11.  Reporting Live from the Ground Zero Bleacher Seats in the Mega Bubble

12.  Mission To Be Accomplished.

13.  A Personal Plea for Voter Sanity

14.  An Autobiographical Obituary   

15.  All of the 32 Evolutionary Understandings in Part Six of the Earth Manifesto would form the body of this section, in the order published on the Earth Manifesto website. 

All of these books require some extensive and nifty editing to focus ideas and eliminate redundancies.         


     Dr. Tiffany B. Twain  

         c/o SaveTruffulaTrees@hotmail.com

             August 24, 2011